On Wednesday May 27, 2015 CE/Shaban 9, 1436 AH, the Office of the Vice President for Studies, Development and Community Service recently hosted an innovative workshop entitled:  Community Service at the University of Dammam:  Between Reality and Expectations.  This workshop focused on identifying and developing community service concepts at the University that would effectively incorporate volunteer work while serving the community.

 These types of workshops offer a unique opportunity for the exchange of ideas among the numerous experts at UoD as well as the University’s leaders, which will ultimately lead to the formulation of ideas that are aligned with the University’s strategic plans.  The Office of the Dean of Community Service and Sustainable Development is in the process of creating a ‘roadmap’ for community service at the University while incorporating UoD’s vision, mission and objectives.

 The latest and most effective work concepts related to volunteer work, while being socially responsible were presented and discussed at this workshop with the goal of identifying the needs and developing socially responsible programs for volunteer work. 

 This preliminary workshop is the first in a series of workshops that the Deanship of Community Service and Sustainable Development at UoD has currently planned. A consultative workshop that is geared for UoD’s will follow, along with an organizational workshop for the directors of the various community service offices at UoD’s colleges and deanships. There will also be a community workshop that will host members from the community who work in the public, private and charity sectors.

The deanship is working towards an effective, well-balanced system that will meet the needs and ambitions of the community.