The DPYSS at IAU has been always concerned with saving the students’ time by providing student e-services in one place. Therefore, the Deanship was keen to launch the ‘Preparatory Year Students E-Services Page’. On Wednesday (2/5/2018), the President launched the portal during the deanship End-of-Year ceremony. The Portal provides students with academic and non-academic services, such as course enrollment, academic guidance, psychological counseling , student supervision, student activities and registering in different programs developed by the Deanship for their students. The portal also provides parents with information about academic status of their sons and daughters. The student can obtain the information related to the study and student life at the DPYSS using the following link:

Announcements Deanship of Prepartory and Supporting Studies
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Published on: 15 August 2018
Last update on: 15 August 2018
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