"A Step Towards Creativity in Scientific Research"

The Initiatives' Goals:

  • Establishing positive values that will help in forming citizens with independent personalities. 
  • Equipping citizens with knowledge and required skills to accommodate the future labor market needs.
  • Developing the skills of the country's youth .
  • Raising the percentage of women participants in the labor market from 22% to 30% and enabling them to gain important leadership positions during the upcoming years.

The College of Science in the Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University is committed to:

  1. Create a research environment that motivates individuals to become creative and innovators.
  2. Developing programs, teaching styles and training.
  3. Reinforcing values and refining basic scientific research skills.
  4. Usage of scientific research in solving social problems.
  5. Preparing qualified competencies with personality, academic and technical skills to meet the needs of development and the labor market.

This will be achieved through various activities:

  • Holding lectures and courses in the basics, skills and techniques of scientific research.
  • Site visits to companies and factories that are interested in implementing theories.
  • Hosting specialists who serve scientific research.
  • Holding Quarterly forums to discuss challenges and available opportunities.

Targeted group:

  1. Graduate Studies students
  2. College of Science graduates
  3. College of Science students.
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Published on: 05 November 2017
Last update on: 05 November 2017
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