Under the patronage of Dr. Abdullah Al-Rubaish, the President of IAU, ‘Mawhiba 2023’ celebrated the conclusion of its 3 weeks academic journey that was given for 247 students (82 male and 165 female). The Vice President for Development and Community Partnership, Dr. Nihad Al-Omair, attended the closing ceremony on behalf of the President in addition to the general supervisor of the program, Dr. Nasser Al-Rayes, and other deans, members, as well as the students’ parents.

Dr. Nihad Al-Omair pointed out that the university was honored to host this program and is keen to harness all the capabilities and efforts that would deliver the program at the required level with a distinguished outcome. She added, “we noticed the students’ enthusiasm, not to mention their innovations and the qualitative projects they contributed in, which indicates the passion to knowledge among the young generations in our beloved country. We at IAU spare no effort to create an attractive educational environment that assist these young generations to be future leaders who continue to develop their nation and achieve its visions and aspirations.”

In his speech addressing the students, Dr. Nasser Al-Rayes, stated that “the university embraced this specific program under the slogan “Rise toward Greatness”, out of our belief in you and your abilities in bearing the responsibility of reconstructing the land, fulfilling the expectations of our Leadership, satisfying the ambitions of your parents, pleasing Allah the Almighty first and last, and then yourselves. This would not be achievable without our partnership with King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity “Mawhiba”, which aims to discover, and nurture talented and creative people in different scientific fields in which development is a priority.”

He added, “This year our journey is different, as we reached the peak in creativity with our shining students and honorable program members, trainers, assistants, guides, support services members, and volunteers who didn’t hesitate to deliver their experiences and knowledge to their sons and daughters, believing in their abilities as they wanted to share with them and their parents their story of success. Therefore, we decided to link the program with one of the greatest projects of Vision 2030, The Human Capabilities Development, which seeks to equip citizens with capabilities that enable them to compete globally, by enhancing values and developing basic and future skills, and knowledge. Thus, the outcome of the program is a globally competitive citizen, who have twelve main characteristics, which the students were introduced to over the course of the program.

Dr. Al-Rayes also pointed out that at the end of the program, the students completed 25,194 thousand hours, in which each student had 102 hours, noting that this scientific program includes 7 tracks for female students and 5 tracks for male students, which covers renewable energy, architecture, creative design, cryptography, information security, engineering design, anatomy and physiology, biotechnology, and biomedical science. And for the skills program, it includes two courses which are ‘decision-making and initiative’. In addition, female students participated in 7 tracks, 3 of which are health, engineering, and information security, as well as the architecture and creative design.

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Published on: 13 September 2023
Last update on: 13 September 2023
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