Under the patronage of the President of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, Dr. Abdullah Al-Rubaish, the university, represented by the Deanship of Admission and Registration, will host a meeting for the Deans of Admission and Registration in the GCC countries next Thursday, in one of the hotels in Al-Khobar.

The University President welcomed the participating delegations, pointing out the importance of this meeting as it deals with the mechanisms of admission in the Gulf universities. The meeting will address many topics through intensive sessions and seminars given by specialists and academics, which will come out with important recommendations and results that contribute to achieving the goals of this meeting. Finally, he wished the participating delegations every success and a pleasant stay in their second country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

For his part, the Dean of Admissions and Registration Deanship, Dr. Abdullah Al-Murayh, stated that the meeting will address many topics. The first topic will discuss attracting talented and distinguished students and the main focus will be on the policies followed in attracting two categories of students: The first category is the talented students, and the mechanism that determine the type of the talent, the classifications of the approved awards, and the admission to specializations according to the type of talent. The second category is the academically distinguished students. The impact of accepting these two categories can be measured based on the outcomes. Moreover, the best experiences, practices, success stories, and supporting indicators can be set as an example with regards to attracting, accelerating, and exempting them from studying some of the courses and all the opportunities available for them.

The second topic will address the admission of students with disabilities and the available specializations. It deals with the classification of disabilities in alignment with the considered classifications of the GCC countries. It addresses the procedures, mechanisms, and standards adopted in accepting students with types of disabilities that can be joined to university majors, and the impact of that on the outcomes. It also discusses the global experiences of the adaptations provided to disabled students, and the difficulties that universities face after accepting them, in addition to allocating special programs, curricula, and teaching methods for them or integrating them into available programs. The best experiences, practices, success stories, and supporting indicators can be mentioned as an example.

Finally, the third topic will address the exchange of Gulf and international students and their educational visas. This topic presents the mechanisms used in attracting and accepting (freshmen - transferred - visitor) students whether from GCC countries or other countries, it also discusses the programs and features that attract them, the costs of study and living, and the residence and its regulations. It also adresses reviewing the best practices, benchmark comparisons and legislation necessary to achieve the best results as well as maintaining sustainability and positive impact and supporting the social and economic dimensions of the Gulf countries.

Deanship of Admissions and Registration
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Published on: 04 October 2023
Last update on: 04 October 2023
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