Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University (IAU), the success partner, participated in the 1st Forum for Communication and Awareness in the Eastern Province (Jusoor), which was held on Tuesday October 17, 2023. The forum was organized by the Emirate of the Eastern Province and the General Directorate of Health Affairs in the Eastern Province, under the patronage and honor of His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Governor of the Eastern Province and in the presence of His Excellency, Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad Al Rubaish, the President of the University. The forum included dialogue sessions, lectures, and workshops, in addition to an accompanying exhibition.

IAU participated in the second dialogue session entitled (Awareness in Educational Institutions), in which, Dr. Tufail bin Youssef Al Yousef, the Director of Public Relations and Media, introduced the role of educational institutions in serving, developing, and educating society. He also introduced the role of the PR and Media Directorates in the educational institutions in enhancing the communication and raising community awareness, through relying on a clear strategy, goals, and messages, and using multiple media and organizing marketing campaigns on platforms that aims at raising the level of awareness and interaction, and using strategies at times of crisis, such as the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the important role of social media in forming the media mental image MMI of the educational institution, whether positively or negatively.

The session addressed several topics regarding the investment of educational institutions in social media platforms, the reality of their usage in community awareness, and the impact of teacher students’ relationship (positively or negatively) on the awareness efforts made in the educational institutions.
Dr. Al Yousef added that employing social media in the educational institutions is considered a powerful tool that helps in spreading community awareness and communicating with the targeted audience. Moreover, the role of the educational institutions lies in enhancing the fields of scientific research and innovation through providing a stimulating environment for professors, researchers, and students, to conduct scientific research, develop knowledge, provide innovative solutions to societal challenges, and to contribute to advisory and educational services through development projects and community services that benefit the society and the country.

Directorate for Public Relations and Media
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Published on: 24 October 2023
Last update on: 24 October 2023
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