at the Sustainable Partnerships Conference in Riyadh

On the sidelines of the conference, a memorandum of understanding was signed IAU Showcases its research products, patents, and some innovations at the Sustainable Partnerships Conference in Riyadh.

Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University has participated in "Sustainable Partnerships" Conference and Exhibition, which was inaugurated by Saudi Minister of Education, Mr. Yusef bin Abdullah Al-Bunyan, under the title: "Research and Innovation towards a Prosperous Economy", at the "Ritz-Carlton" Hotel in the capital, Riyadh, with participation of 150 decision-makers and local and international leaders as part of the initiative launched by the Ministry for enhancing ties between Saudi universities as a source for production and adaptation of knowledge, and industrial development sectors for the growth and sustainability of the national economy.

The President of IAU, Prof. Dr. Abdullah Al-Rubaish, stated that this participation is one of the most important contributions for the university, as we presented a number of workshops during the conference days in which a group of faculty members participated, as well as they displayed a number of inventions presented by a group of faculty members, pointing partnership between universities and the health sector is one of success elements. Dr. Al-Rubayish also stressed on the importance of transparency when dealing with the requirements of partnerships in terms of legislation, regulations, monitoring, follow-up, and other characteristics, in addition to make great use of these partnerships for making the change desired.

For his part, Vice President for Research and Innovation, Prof. Dr. Fahd Al-Harbi, stated that the conference aims to show the importance of scientific research and innovation, and their relationship to economic growth, to define research priorities related to the industrial and development sectors, to transform innovations and scientific research into economic products, and to link the system of research and innovation in universities with the private and developmental sectors to contribute in achieving the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, introduce the research efforts of the Ministry and Saudi universities, Where the President of the University, Prof. Abdullah Al-Rubaish, signed a memorandum of understanding with (Research Products Development Company (“RPDC”) with the aim of establishing a start-up company for one of the research-products based on deep technology as one of the outputs of the agreement signed between the two parties, called “Commercialization of Antimicrobial Textile Technology-Nano Fabric”

The President of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, Prof. Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Rubaish, also participated in the dialogue session titled "Research and Innovation in the Healthcare System" related to the agenda of the first day. The points of the session dealt with enhancing partnership opportunities between universities and health sector, the importance of developing the pharmaceutical industries, and highlights for the role of research and innovation in digital transformation in health care, where the Dean of the College of Computer Science and Information Technology, Dr. Abdullah Al-Muhaideb, presented a workshop entitled: Benefiting from Graduation Projects in building of research and innovative relationships with the governmental and private sectors: successful experiences. Dr. Asma Al-Sharif also presented a workshop entitled: Building and Sustaining Innovative Organizations.

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Published on: 01 December 2022
Last update on: 01 December 2022
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