Anthology Together Middle East In the category of: Excellence in Community Engagement 2022

Saudi Arabia - 18 October 2022- Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University-Deanship of eLearning, has been named a winner of  Excellence in Community Engagement Award 2022 at The Blackboard Teaching & Learning Conference Middle East (TLC ME): Anthology Together Middle East 2022, for launching a project that showcases the development of interactive e-courses on technology-enhanced level while adopting quality standards, and making cost effective informed decisions based on insights from the eLearning Data Intelligence and analytics Dashboard.

 Anthology Together Middle East (#ATME22) introduced an expanded agenda, which Dr. Muneerah B. Almahasheer (Dean) of the Deanship of eLearning took part in and presented “Reshaping crafted e-Courses Based-on Anthology Educational Insights to Empower Students’ Learning Experience” 18 October 2022

The idea of the current success story expedites the development of eCourses to include 432 e-courses in 9 colleges and18 different academic programs. This project is the anchor of IAU’s shift to blended learning best practices, it supports massive enrollment of students, cost savings initiatives, faculty members support, shortage of instructional designers and experienced faculty members.  

To ensure the improvement of the learning experience of this promising project, the deanship developed an eLearning Data Intelligence and analytics Dashboard. The IAU eLearning deanship and Anthology/Blackboard teams developed 8 dashboards (with 405 measures, 17 perspectives and 3 data cubes) to enhance courses’ design and development and provide insights to take informed decisions for improving teaching and students’ engagements and faculty excellence. The insights from data analytics can lead to more informed decisions that can improve our e-courses design and development process, as well as enhance the learning experience for our students and help increase their engagement.

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Published on: 30 October 2022
Last update on: 01 November 2022
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