Sponsored by the President of the University, Prof. Abdullah bin Mohammad Al Rubaish, the Directorate for Public Relations and Media held its first meeting with the University's Media Coordinators on Monday, 1442/08/30, 2021/04/12, on the sidelines of the launching of the Guide of the Governance and Regulation of the Use of Social Networks..

The meeting included an identification of the key points of the Guide and the ways in which it could be activated and questions from the coordinators. The meeting was moderated by the Director of Public Relations and Media Information and the Spokesperson of the University, Engineer Tufail Yousef Alyousef, in the presence of the University's Vice President Dr. Saleh Al-Rashed, Legal Counsel Ahmed Al-Amar and a number of members of the educational and administrative staff.

The Vice-President of the Committee of Social Media Governance, Dr. Saleh Al-Rashed, stated that social media is one of the most important aspects of the digital era for universities, providing unprecedented opportunities for innovation in the provision of smart services and giving users quick access to a large audience.

Based on the belief of Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University in the importance of the use of modern techniques, the Guide was adopted by the University’s Council to align it with the Strategic Plan in enhancing the intellectual image, mission and impact of the University among stakeholders, while emphasizing the importance of doing so within the framework and scope of the Guide and the policies and controls that it provides; through media coordinators in various sectors of the University, in coordination and complementarity with the Directorate of Public Relations and Media.

Engineer Tufail Alyousef explained that this is the first edition as a guide to the use of social media and its application mechanisms at university. Explaining the controls contained in the Guide for the creation of accounts for entities under the umbrella of the University and the regulation of their use of such sites so that the University, its sectors and members can benefit positively in a responsible, secure and effective manner with a view to ensuring that the automated content is safe from any interpretations or abuse in such a way as not to prejudice the reputation of the University and its members or expose them to legal issues. The Department of Public Relations and Media, which had always sought to modernize the media system in line with the rapid development of the media, had established a reference point.

Legal Counsel, Ahmed Al-Amar, explained to the coordinators all the legal aspects and bases from which the Guide had been created, the ways in which the legal problems facing users of social media networks were dealt with, and reviewed some examples of information crimes and their legal consequences.

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Published on: 23 June 2021
Last update on: 01 July 2021