Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University represented by the Institute of Consulting Studies launched the first house of expertise for electronic learning. Prof. Abdulkarim Al Howaish Dean of the Institute of Consulting Studies declared that the iLearn expertise house emerged from the Deanship of E-Learning to provide an educational system that combines E-learning and distance learning to meet the community's need for such a learning style.

Dr. Abdullah Alrubaish noted that the expertise house embodies the university's role as a monument to support a knowledge-based economy by providing services from the deanship's accumulated experiences in E-learning for beneficiaries and partners. It focuses on providing consultation studies, technical studies, and E-learning performance improvement plans and to analyze the needs, the readiness, and to review performance indicators, benchmarks, course and program developments, electronic activities, designing and improving multimedia, photography, and montaging educational videos in fully professional studios. Also, expertise houses aim to train and rehabilitate beneficiaries in E-Learning fields, holding conferences and on-line interactive workshops, developing guides to provide the finest practices and international standards in E-Learning and contribute to achieving the goals and objectives of beneficiaries.

Dr. Munerah Almahasheer, Dean of E-Learning and Distance Learning and Head of the House of Expertise mentioned that iLearn aims to enrich individuals, institutions, and community skills in E-Learning fields that is within a cooperative working environment to exchange knowledge. Finally, on behalf of herself and the expertise house employees Dr. Munerah Almahasheer praised IAU's vision to invest in E-learning cognitive shifting by launching iLearn's portal.

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Institute of Consulting Studies
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Published on: 03 August 2021
Last update on: 03 August 2021