“My Lord, make this a secure city” Surat Ibrahim, verse 35.


To raise the youths' awareness by involving them in creating a suitable and stable environment and ensure the safety of our country. The initiative includes programs and projects related to:
Knowledge, personal, environmental, political, social, employment and financial security.

Target Group: from 16 to 25 years old.


  1. Developing the youths' sense of responsibility and confidence.
  2. Strengthening the values of nationalism and allegiance, and transform them into actions.
  3. Benefiting from the youths' energy and to help transform them from listeners to creators and thinkers.
  4. Link the youth to the community, and develop their abilities, and skills in solving major issues.
  5. Reinforcing communication among the broad spectrum of society.
  6. Hold the youth accountable to participate in creating peace and stability.
  7. Direct the youth towards changing their perspective and to sop stereotyping, as well as involving them in creating new trends in education, lifestyle, mastering skills, and choosing a career path.
  8. Provide up to date training programs that is coordinated by youths.

Starting Steps

  1. Identify the founding supervisors
  2. Create a council of trustees for “Amenan” from the target Group
  3. Attract “Amenan” partners
  4. Activate Amenan’s programs
  5. Measure Amenan’s success.

Information for creating the council of trustees for “Amenan"

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Published on: 09 March 2017
Last update on: 13 March 2017
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