Dr. Abdullah Al Rubaish, President of UoD opened on Tuesday October 4, 2016 the eighth Early Breast Cancer Diagnosis Campaign “You are Our Everything .. Reassure Us and Get Screened” in the lobby of KFUH. The campaign was attended by Dr. Khalid Al Otaibi, Director of the University Hospital, Dr. Fatimah Al Mulhim, head of the campaign, a number of doctors, specialists, breast cancer survivors and student volunteers.

Dr. Abdullah Al Rubaish mentioned that “the University of Dammam and the University Hospital are keen on serving the community by providing health care, education and awareness.

Dr. Fatimah Al Mulhim head of the campaign stated that “the campaign targets women in the Eastern Province in order to enlighten them on the latest methods of early diagnosis and the role of genetics and hereditary in being diagnosed with breast cancer. The role of media in raising the level of awareness and the importance of early detection that will lead to a full recovery.

The campaign is held parallel with similar campaigns in five Arab countries; Jordan, United Emirates, Qatar, Palestine and Saudi Arabia. This reginal participation is one of UoD’s initiatives that is concerned in strengthening Breast Cancer awareness and the importance of early detection.

Dr. Widad Baqatada Consultant in the Radiology department said that “the campaign consisted of 10 main booths which are; the women education and awareness, men awareness, awareness for deaf and blind, periodic inspection, women health, nutrition, organic foods, awareness for the community, “You are Not Alone” committee booth where survivors share their stories for other women.

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Published on: 24 October 2016
Last update on: 24 October 2016
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