Dr. Walid Al Baker head of the Internal Medicine Department in King Fahad University Hospital in Al Khobar stated that “King Fahad University Hospital is in the final process of establishing a Diabetes Unit in the hospital due to the international importance given to these sort of centers which care for diabetic patients. The center is considered a complete center for health and nutrition education, foot and eye care, and diabetes complications. The patient will be provided with a complete package of health care services where he/she will have a full day session in one complete center.

KFUH started this project succeeding the approval of Dr. Abdullah Al Rubaish the President of the University and the General Supervisor of KFUH. We aspire through this center to be a positive center in treating diabetic patients, receive cases, and becoming a certified training center to train Doctors in diabetic health care for treating diabetes and providing health and nutrition educational courses. And currently the hospital has launched a Saudi Fellowship Program in Diabetes where a student will train in the center for two years then he/she will become a certified diabetes consultant.

Al Baker mentioned that “the working mechanism in the center is as follows; a patient will be admitted in the center and then his/her case will be looked into, if the patient needs special care then he/she will be admitted in the center, the patient will be given a card with different types of services needed, the doctors, and what examinations the patient needs to be done and then the patient’s journey in the center will begin. All patients’ information will be recorded in the hospital’s research system where they can be retrieved easily because they are saved in one place.

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Published on: 10 May 2016
Last update on: 10 May 2016
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