On Tuesday 3rd Rabi' al-thani 1445, the College of Science and Humanities in Jubail held a ceremony to launch student clubs that include: the Student Activities Unit, the Ghaym Club, and the Club of the ​​Ambassadors of Values. It also launched extracurricular clubs that include: the Sigma Club by the Department of Physics, the Bridge Club by the Department of English Language and Translation, the Mathematical Statistics Club, the Computer Club, and the club of Friends of Early Childhood.

Moreover, the results of the Student Council elections were announced, and the criteria and indicators that qualify colleges to win were presented. The students were encouraged to participate in student clubs and to benefit from the advantages of that to gain experience and social skills, and also in order to complete their voluntary hours. They were also urged to participate in the student councils and the Durra of the College competition. Finally, the Student Council honored the parties that cooperated with them during the past year.

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Published on: 01 November 2023
Last update on: 01 November 2023
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