The General Directorate of Human Resources announces the start of promotion competition interviews for IAU employees, holders of the 10th rank and below, which will be conducted through ZOOM platform on Thursday 02/05/1445 H (corresponding to 16/11/2023 AD) from 08:00 am and untill all the candidates are finished.


  •  Download and activate the Zoom program prior to the interview.
  • The personal interview link will be sent to candidates via text messages and email for those who have not had a personal interview.
  • The link will be activated on the scheduled date of the interview.
  • Register the user name (Applicant Name and ID number).
  • After you join the Zoom meeting, please wait until you are admited to enter for the interview.
  • The personal interview will be conducted via video call.
  • Do not share the link with others, the link is private to you only.
  • The result of the candidate’s personal interview is valid for a period of one year from the date of the interview.


Terms and Conditions (697.25 KB)
Announcements General Directorate of Human Resources
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Published on: 12 November 2023
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