The College of Science in the University of Dammam is embracing the second Summer Enrichment Program (SA-RSI 2016) for high school students from different cities of Saudi Arabia and will be launched on 16/7/2016 until 18/8/2016. It is considered a large contribution among four partners: University of Dammam, Center of Excellence in Teaching, King Abdulaziz & his Companions Foundation for Giftedness & Creativity, and under the patronage of Saudi Aramco Company.

This year's program consists of an advanced curriculum that will improve students' abilities through the different fields of sciences, mathematics and humanities. The program is executed by elite university professors who are specialized in scientific fields in direct relation to the fields of the program in which the students are guided with what is suitable to their interests and abilities according to the needs and priorities of the society. The use of latest approaches in education to develop the academic abilities and knowledge skills under a sound scientific methodology are applied.

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Published on: 14 July 2016
Last update on: 04 September 2016
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