The College of Education in Al Jubail concluded the events of its educational campaign on Thursday February 4, 2016 which was organized by the Physics Department in the College. The campaign was titled the Accreditation Dream. Many students participated in the campaign where it continued for three days in cooperation with the student counsel in the College. The campaign concentrated on educational and introductory programs concerning the program accreditation which the College seeks to achieve through strategic plans put forward by the College. The campaign was attended by Dr. Dalal Mohammad Al-Shanqiti the Dean of the College, Ms. Nouf Al Salim the head of the Physics department, Dr. Safa Al Ahmed the Vice Dean of Quality and Accreditation, Dr. Nadia Al Ghamdi the Director of Quality, Dr. Shafia Al Qahtani Vice Dean of Student Affairs, as well as faculty members and lab technicians in the college.

Dr. Dalal Mohammad Al-Shanqiti stated that “for more than seven years the College of Education in Al Jubail has been seeking to achieve the standards of quality and academic accreditation but the accreditation is not our main goal but it is considered a means which will help us make sure that we are on the right track. If we gain the accreditation this will mean that we have been following the mechanisms, regulations and policies of the academic accreditation institution. Our programs have been continuously developed in cooperation with all its beneficiaries either from students, recruit agencies and the community which means that students and community have become partners in decision – making as well as that we have strategic plans our programs follow and indicators to insure professional performance. Dr. Dalal Mohammad Al-Shanqiti added that “I am proud that our most important outcome is our distinctive graduates who gained the first place throughout the Kingdom in Al Qiyas standardized test. And currently we are getting ready to present our first program (the Educational Physics program) to the accreditation committee and this event is one of our preparations for the visit of the international accreditation team to the College.

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Published on: 22 February 2016
Last update on: 23 February 2016
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