The College of Sciences at Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, represented by the Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs, held an exhibition of scientific posters for graduation projects 1444 AH, in the presence of the College Dean, Dr. Amal Al-Otaibi, the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Rasha Al-Essa, the colleges vice-deans, heads of departments, and faculty. The exhibition was also attended by a number of external parties from the labor market and national bodies
Enhancing the Spirit of Competition and Enthusiasm
The Dean of the College of Science, Dr. Amal Al-Otaibi, explained that the exhibition provides an opportunity to display research projects for the scientific community and relevant authorities, and also highlights the achievements of students, and promotes the spirit of competition, excellence and creativity, and enables students to acquire research skills, presenting skills, and prepare scientific posters. More than 40 scientific research and innovative experiences from various disciplines were reviewed.
Providing a Competitive Learning Environment
Dr. Rasha Al-Essa, Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs, added that based on the objectives of the College of Science to provide a competitive and sustainable educational environment and to promote social responsibility, the exhibition of scientific posters for graduation projects at the College of Science came to support the research of college students and highlight their efforts and creative ideas.
The exhibition provided the opportunity for female students to present their projects and their early research work to a group of faculty members in various disciplines, and to their fellow students, which achieved the transfer of knowledge and exchange of experiences. And it was a starting point for opening the door for joint cooperation between the college and those agencies.
He was one of the most prominent employers who attended the exhibition. The Research and Fisheries Center in Qatif, the Municipality of the Eastern Province, the Center for Family and Community Medicine, the Department of Radiology at the University, the Comprehensive Examination Center in Dammam, Head of the Laboratory Department and Director of Training Affairs, the Eastern Chamber, and the Fisheries Research Center.
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Published on: 03 April 2023
Last update on: 03 April 2023
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