The College of Arts and it's Academic Counseling Unit are keen on enriching the idea of academic achievement and to reach out to all students in the College, so they launched a study to help determine the number of students who are falling back in their studies then to investigate the reasons behind such failures.

And to do so, the Unit launched the compass initiative, its vision was to achieve highest academic development, and it consisted of various phases:

  • Motivational phase: The motivational phrases were designed and distributed throughout the College.
  • Media phase: A Twitter account was created for the initiative and a competition was initiated that awarded the best motivational tweet; that aims at spreading the spirit of Academic Achievement.
  • Skills phase: Through a theatrical program that aimed at raising the academic level and help students in gaining the required skills to become academically successful through presenting different experiences.

The program was launched on Thursday 19 Rabi 1, 1439 H and the number of attendees amounted up to 380 students.

The program consisted of various parts:

  • A speech from the Dean of the College of Arts.
  • A speech from the director of the Academic Counseling Unit.
  • A decision to transform Failures into Achievements: this part aspired to assist students with several methods of effective studying and how to overcome obstacles.
  • Maram's Anecdote: (A play) of a student from the College of Arts who received a final (low GPA) notice then she was able to get back on track. The play aimed at stressing on the importance of setting a life goal and to give students tips on how to overcome Academic decline.
  • A Discussion segment: A dialogue with the character of Maram, where she gave students tips on how to overcome Academic decline.
  • An opportunity: An excellent student talks about her experience in overcoming Academic obstacles. This segment was added to help students manage stressful issues, to deal with demanding conditions and to motivate them at becoming accomplishers.
  • 15 hours: A successful experience of a student who juggles between her university studies and her job. This scene was intended to help students in time management and to become successful jugglers.

Finally, a bridging initiative was launched. This initiative aspired at combining by modern methods between educational elements. Around 24 intermediaries where spread out through the College of Arts. Three students from various levels in each department were chosen to become the intermediary between the Academic Counseling Unit and the students of the College.