The Deanship of Graduate Studies at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University launched The 2nd Scholarship Forum 2023 in the university's Supportive Deanships building and with the presence of the Vice President of the University for Scientific Research and Innovation, Dr. Fahad Al Harbi, the Dean of the Deanship of Graduate Studies, Dr. Saad Al Saadi, and with the attendance of teaching assistants, lecturers, and doctors nominated for scholarship.

Prof. Fahad Al-Harbi stated that this program was implemented by the Deanship of Graduate Studies and this meeting came to emphasize the importance of this program in introducing previous experiences to scholarship candidates and giving them the chance to take advice and guidance. It includes several points that are of high interest to the scholarship student. Prof. Al-Harbi emphasized that IAU seeks to send students of different specializations abroad to complete their postgraduate studies at the most prestigious universities accredited by the Ministry of Education. And there is no doubt that the faculty members are a key pillar on which universities build their basic base in achieving their mission; therefore, qualifying them with distinguished higher qualifications, supported by knowledge and experience acquired from the finest universities and research institutions in the world, is one of the most important goals of universities. On that base, IAU has devoted an utmost attention to qualifying faculty members and developing their skills and providing them with great moral and material support as they are the next leaders of this university, who will work on achieving its educational, scientific and research mission and who will provide services to the university and community. 

Finally, Dr. Al-Harbi presents a message to scholarship students asking them to adhere to the teachings of our tolerant religion and the good morals that we have been taught, and to be the best ambassador for their country and community. He also urged them to benefit from all the knowledge and modern technologies that will help them perform all the educational, research, and job duties when they return to be a significant addition to the economy, security, and the development process in the country.

For his part, Dr. Saad Al-Saadi, the Dean of the Graduate Studies, stated that “the Deanship seeks, through this forum, to provide all the information that concerns the scholarship student in a full, intensive day in which we clarify and guide the students with all the required aspects that must be familiar during the study period abroad. We discussed within the program’s agenda the fixed values and provisions related to scholarship and the student’s position on them.

The forum is also accompanied by an exhibition that display the services provided by the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Human Resources Management. It is also accompanied by workshops: the first is entitled as “Job Promotions,” the second is “The Strategic Plan for Scholarship,” and the third is entitled “The Role of Agents of Scientific research and Innovation.”

Al-Saadi also pointed out that the forum targeted all the university candidates including teaching assistants and lecturers in all specializations, stressing that the scholarship aims to scientifically qualify the university’s employees to obtain higher academic degrees, and to develop their skills academically, administratively, and technically through training them according to the university needs. It also contributes to strengthening the bonds of scientific and research cooperation and creating scientific communication channels with prestigious institutions in the world.

Finally, due to the important role that scholarship represents in the development of the university and the accomplishment of its mission, the Deanship of Graduate Studies was keen to prepare all scholarship-related matters and to facilitate all the procedures by issuing the “Scholarship and Training Guide” aiming to educate scholarship students about all the procedures and regulations followed.

Deanship of Graduate Studies
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Published on: 25 October 2023
Last update on: 25 October 2023
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