Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University organized a symposium entitled, (The Role of Universities in Achieving the Objectives of the Human Capability Development Program) during the hosting of the 25th Meeting of the Higher Education Leaders in the GCC countries, in the period from January 25 to January 26, 2023.

His Excellency the President of the University, Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Rubaish, noted that several speakers, including university presidents, directors, and academic and professional developers, attended and had valuable input in the participatory dialogue session. This participatory dialogue aims at introducing the program and its forward-looking initiatives regarding future job opportunities in the business sectors. It reviews the universities’ role in building advanced skills to meet the requirements of the future and to strengthen the values and the sense of national belonging and global citizenship. It also aims at identifying the universities’ efforts in innovation, entrepreneurship and in activating partnerships with the industrial and development sectors to achieve the requirements of the coming industrial revolution and many other goals.

During the symposium, the CEO of the Human Capability Development Program, Eng. Anas AlMudaifer, reviewed in a brief presentation the Human Capability Development Program as a national strategy within the Saudi Vision 2030.

Moreover, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development for Labor Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Al-Zahrani, gave a presentation on skills and the job market, and it included the most important initiatives and programs that the Ministry worked on in this field.

The participants, during the dialogue session, which was moderated by the Media Advisor and the President of the Media Association, Mr. Abdullah Al-Shehri, discussed several themes. The first theme was about the Attributes of a Globally Competitive Citizen, and it was initiated by His Excellency, the President of Jazan University, Prof. Dr. Marai Al-Qahtani, as His Excellency discussed the role of universities in achieving the attributes of a globally competitive citizen and the challenges they may face. In addition, Dr. Ahmed Al-Zahrani, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development for Labor Affairs, talked about the organizations, programs and initiatives of the Ministry in building a globally competitive citizen. Finally, the CEO of the Human Resources Development Program, Eng. Anas Al-Mudaifer discussed the expectations of the program from the universities and the Ministry of Human Resources in preparing a globally competitive citizen. Furthermore, he referred to the needs and the requirements of the future job market, and the efforts exerted to provide a lifelong learning process by supporting the citizens to continue their education and to raise their level of competitiveness. At last, he discussed the proposed common areas between universities and the Ministry in rehabilitating the unemployed and those at risk of losing their jobs.

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Published on: 05 February 2023
Last update on: 05 February 2023
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