The College of Science in the University of Dammam have got in touch with business owners and Human Resource specialists in order to develop their programs and to make them more flexible and accepted in the interior and exterior business market where a number of specialists participated in this workshop that is part of a series of workshops which will supervise on the development of the College’s programs.

Dr. Nuhad Abdullah Al Omair Dean of the College of Science in Dammam mentioned in the opening of the “Employers” workshop that “we have taken care in developing our academic programs to achieve our goal in bridging the gap between the outputs of higher education and the needs of the labor market and to find an appropriate means to accommodate between the outputs and the needs in a way which will achieve the goals and the interests of both parties through conserving the standards of quality, academic accreditation, and to upgrade the education process.  

This speech was during the first session which was titled “Accommodating the Programs Developed Plan with the Needs of the Labor Market” that was part of the workshop held in the College of Science that lasted for one day and consisted of three sessions presented by Dr. Nuhad Abdullah AL-Omair Dean of the College of Science in Dammam, Dr. Ebtisam Ababutain the Vice dean of Quality, Development and Academic Accreditation and Dr. Hanadi Al Baghdadi Vice dean of the College of Sciense’s Community Service and Sustainable Development Affairs.   

Dr. Al-Omair added that “our academic programs have special goals such as preparing competent and qualified graduates, working on developing students capabilities to handle problems in a scientific way, to educate them on the different scientific and research theories, and to make students qualified in the fields of modern science in order to work in governmental, industrial, and research institutions or to continue in their post graduate education.

Dr. Ebtisam Ababutain confirmed in the second session which was titled “Evaluating the Vision and Mission of the College” that focused on the importance of developing the Vision and Mission of the College where the Vision describes the future and the Mission describes the present. On the other hand; Dr. Hanadi Al Baghdadi talked about “Accommodating the National Qualification Frame with the Outputs of the Developed Plan of the College of Science” this was during the second session and focused on the general qualifications that are categorized to four fields which are; the ability to retrieve and understand information, cognitive skills, skills on how to deal with others, bearing responsibility, communicative skills, information technology and Psychomotor skills.

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Published on: 18 January 2016
Last update on: 18 January 2016
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