The University of Dammam is preparing to take part in the Third Gulf Games Tournament hosted by the Eastern Province and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from December 15 – 26, 2015 in Dammam. The University of Dammam will play an important role in providing healthcare services through King Fahd University Hospital in Al Khobar.  This will be the main hospital for the Tournament, fully staffed with a designated group of field doctors, specialists and nurses. The Sports Medicine Research and Measurement Center, a one-of-a-kind facility at the College Applied Medical Sciences, will be opened to the Tournament’s athletes in order to carry out any advanced tests necessary in the rehabilitation of the Tournament’s participants.  The University of Dammam will be cooperating with the Saudi Federation for Sports Medicine in order to monitor any sports injuries or illnesses of any team member throughout the Tournament. 

The head of UoD’s volunteer team, Dr. Qassim Al Muaidi noted that, “A meeting of over 200 volunteers was recently held with members from the Tournament’s organization committee, faculty members and UoD students.  Tasks were assigned and responsibilities were coordinated in order to provide the best services available for the Tournament.  The outpouring of support and commitment from this group of volunteers demonstrates the dedication they have to serving the nation and the importance of sports.”

Dr. Al Muaidi stated that, “The University of Dammam and their volunteers will be a presence throughout the entirety of the Tournament with the goal of guaranteeing the success of the event and the event’s host, the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. UoD plays a significant role in activities such as this and it is a perfect opportunity for not only the community but the region to witness the commitment and professionalism of UoD’s administration, faculty and students in building a stronger community and nation.”

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Published on: 07 October 2015
Last update on: 11 October 2015
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