• Cooperate with National Committee of Medical and Bioethics to provide ethical standards and regulations for medical and bioethics researches and what have been updated , to provide the research committees in colleges , research centers and those with specialization.
  • Provide rules and principles to recognize ethically the research laboratories that operating in bioethical areas  and approving to establish it.
  • Periodic evaluation and censorship over the committees and research centers in the council of applying the standards and regulations of the ethics of  bioethical and medical research.
  • Do the periodic evaluation and censorship over the medical and pharmaceutical laboratories on the living creature and to ensure its legitimacy.
  • Do an information base for the genetic material banks which exited in the University that approved its establishment projects.
  • Raising awareness of the ethics of medical and biomedical research for those working in the research area of the importance of the biomedical ethics. And encourages activities related as seminars, panel discussion, and lectures.
  • The committee should coordinate with the concerned authority to research regarding the subject of following up the commitment to ethics of medical and  biomedical in research. 
Published on: 26 March 2015
Last update on: 27 March 2015