Registration Fees

  • Delegates / Attendees (Government and private sector, etc.): 1000 SAR
  • Students:  500 SAR

Registration includes:

  • Attend all the sessions and the exhibition
  • Receive a certificate of attendance (all sessions and workshops should be attended)

Payment Methods
Bank Transfer the amount to IAU account:
Account Name: Scientific research and community service
National Commercial Bank

Please send the bank transfer copy to: ( and write the full name and Mobile number of the (Delegates / Attendees)

Important Notes:

  1. Registration is considered complete and accepted after:
    • Receipt of registration fees by the Committee.
    • Receipt of the (Delegates / Attendees) email from the committee, about receipt of registration fees and registration is complete.
  2. All Nominators from specific destination must submit the original letter of nomination with full name, position, job number, mobile number and e-mail for each Nominator. and the method of payment of registration fees.
  3. The attendance certificate will be printed with the name mentioned as the registration form above.
  4. All (Delegates / Attendees) registered from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the IAU & GIS Symposium are not responsible for the issuance of visas.
Published on: 23 August 2016
Last update on: 19 January 2020
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