The Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University seeks to be the leading institute in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to stimulate, support and sustain innovative ideas and transform them into products or services that achieve real economic opportunities, lead economic transformation and support community prosperity.


An Institute that supports all who pursue ideas with a passion for world-changing impact.


Empowering generations of innovators and entrepreneurs to work with industry leaders to transform their innovations into businesses, products and services that support economic transformation.


  • Work with the university’s internal and external partners to support, stimulate and sustain a culture of innovation.
  • Build a strong culture of entrepreneurship and create new knowledge-based businesses.
  • Marketing and protecting the university’s intellectual property, leading to the emergence of new products and companies in the Kingdom.
  • Attracting the industry sector to the university to cooperate in the field of research, employing creative university graduates, and participating in the localization of local industries.
  • Create partnerships that support and embrace innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs on and off campus.
Published on: 22 January 2024
Last update on: 26 May 2024
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