The General Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs was established since the inception of the university and developed with the development of the university, and after approving its separation from King Faisal University by a decision of the Council of Ministers in 1430 AH,  it has managed its work independently, and is organizationally linked to the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, which aims to implement all tasks related to administrative and financial work at the university and to promote the development of its administrative departments , in light of the objectives of the university’s strategic plan, which is based on the directives and determinants of the new university system issued by the royal decree No. (M/27), dated 2/3/1441 AH, and in accordance with the rules and regulations in force to develop work and facilitate procedures through several administrations and related to the General Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs, which are as follows:

  1. General Directorate of Planning and Budget
  2. Directorate of Financial Affairs
  3. Independent Accounts Department
  4. Government Procurement and Tenders Department
  5. Warehouse Directorate
  6. Traffic Management
  7. Inventory Control Directorate
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