Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University possesses a coherent integrated combination of economic resources (assets, human resources, and capital) to achieve its strategic orientations emanating from the kingdom’s Vision 2030, as well as for the benefit of society.  Along with considering capital as a rare element, the importance of economic studies and projects feasibility emerged, which aims at maximizing the use of IAU resources, particularly the capital. Thus, the unit aims to help decision-makers to determine the future vision for planning and managing the resources of the university.    

Given the importance of this issue, IAU President issued administrative decision No.56806 on 11/10/1443 H to establish this unit within Vice-President for Development and Community Partnership. It is worth mentioning that the unit endeavors to achieve the optimum compatibility between the university resources and strategic goals through its below tasks: 

  1. Auditing all projects documents per Expenditure & Projects Efficiency Authority (EXPRO) requirements, along with fulfilling any missing requirements.
  2. Preparing capacity and demand studies for current incomplete projects.
  3. Preparing pre-feasibility studies for applied research performed by the university, as well as for the new projects before starting to set their detailed feasibility study. 
  4. Preparing detailed feasibility studies for the projects of the university and fulfilling all the requirements of the Expenditure & Projects Efficiency Authority (EXPRO) to enhance the process of financing.
  5. Providing economic consultancies for alternatives to investing in the university's resources, with recommending the best alternative, which is the most economically beneficial and supportive to the university.
  6. Economic assessment of the University's investment projects to enhance the positive aspects and address the negatives. 
  7. Review the university's resource development plans and recommend any necessary actions to be taken before approval. 
  8. Participation in rationalizing university expenditure per economic methods to maximize the university’s limited resources.
  9. Participation in introducing services of economic studies and projects feasibility for business owners. 


Excellence and efficiency in maximizing the optimum use of the university sources.  


Achieving compatibility and coherence between the university resources and its strategic objectives, through maximizing the optimum use of the limited resources to meeting the community needs and to achieving the dimensions of sustainable economic, social, and environmental development.


  • To prepare capacity, demand, and feasibility studies for the university projects, per the requirements of the Expenditure & Projects Efficiency Authority. 
  • To enhance the financial resources of the university through providing economic consultations, research, and feasibility studies to business owners and employers.
  •  To assure the efficiency of economic and financial indicators used in assessing the university investment projects (income and revenues projects). 
  • To enhance the plan of developing the university resources. 

Unit Email: Vpsdcs.ESPFU@iau.edu.sa

Bldg. D3, Ground Floor

Dr. Muhammed Abubaker Salam


Published on: 12 January 2017
Last update on: 11 October 2022
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