Welcome Message from the Vice President for Academic Affairs

I am pleased to welcome you to the web page of the Vice-Presidency for Academic Affairs, which explains our vision, mission and strategic objectives, which are an extension of Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal University’s vision, mission and objectives in order to achieve the Kingdom’s vision (2030) in supporting education development and human resource development.

The University Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs aims to excel in teaching and learning, provide an attractive and stimulating academic environment to ensure distinguished educational outcomes that keep pace with the latest developments and requirements and align with the development needs of the accelerating and renewable local and international labor market by providing innovative knowledge services, develop and enrich the academic curriculum and programs, create academic programs, support and encourage university activities, and take care of the students and their academic support. This is achieved by the university administration directives and the concerted efforts of the colleges, deanships, centers, and specialized departments of the University Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs.

We look to this web page to be a window for constructive and fruitful communication with our students and faculty members, introducing the Vice-Presidency manuals and forms and making them available through the electronic services portal, as well as introducing the Vice-Presidency specialized departments, plans, executive projects, and its various services and events, and communicate with its employees. We are also pleased to receive your comments and inquiries through the communication channels associated with The University Vice Presidency for Academic Affairs.

We ask God to bless everyone, for the good of the Kingdom, its development and leadership, to achieve the aspirations of its leadership and its people.

Dr. Ghazi Abdul Rahman Al Otaibi
Vice President for Academic Affairs


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Published on: 13 April 2014
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