This initiative aims to make the students the center of the educational process and take responsibility for their learning by increasing the chances of actively participating in the learning process rather than just receiving information. The initiative also equips teachers with teaching skills in accordance with diverse active learning strategies in the light of the local and global best   practices.


  • To improve the quality of the learning process within classrooms
  • To make learning student-centered which is one of the most important modern trends in the field of education
  • To activate the role of technology in supporting the teaching and learning process
  • To help students develop a range of skills including research and experimentation, critical thinking, problem solving, creative thinking, and teamwork
  • To enable the faculty members develop teaching skills according to the active learning strategies
  • To provide a mechanism to ensure planning, implementation, and follow-up for the use of active learning strategies within the university's classrooms
  • To automate the active learning strategies for each course.

Application Procedures

  1. Preparation
    • Commission an advisory committee
    • Conduct comparative study of best practices in international universities
    • Prepare standards of excellence
    • Assess the current practices in the university
  2. Planning
    • Sign contracts with participating colleges
    • Commission an executive committee from the college
    • Initiate self-study of current active learning practices
    • Identify courses suitable for the implementation of active learning strategies
  3. Implementation
    • Prepare a procedural guide to use active learning in teaching
    • Design independent models to monitor active learning application within colleges
    • Train faculty involved in the implementation of the initiative to use some active learning strategies such as PBL (project-based learning), flipped classes
  4. Monitoring and controlling
    • Document the application of active learning within classrooms through learning circle models (peer evaluation)
    • Share best practices among various departments in each college
    • Organize exhibitions and competitions to motivate the initiative teams
    • Measure key performance indicators
  5. Documentation
    • Prepare a final report of the initiative
    • Document team efforts
    • Present achievements in the academic initiatives exhibition
    • Introduce future plans.
Published on: 04 November 2021
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