This initiative aims to adopt the best and latest interactive methods between students and faculty in practical courses while measuring how students benefit from practical lessons for continuous development.


  • To study the current situation of practical teaching at university colleges in the light of national and global best practices
  • To develop policies and procedures for practical teaching to ensure that students do actual practice and receive feedback from supervisors during practical lessons
  • To prepare guides for students and faculty on practical teaching plans and objectives
  • To survey students' opinion and measure their satisfaction with practical lessons.

Application Procedures

  1. Preparation
    • Commission an Advisory Committee
    • Conduct a comparative study of best practices in international universities
    • Prepare standards of excellence
    • Assess the current practices at the university regarding practical teaching
  2. Planning
    • Sign contracts with participating colleges
    • Commission an executive committee from the college
    • Conduct self-study of current practical teaching practices
    • Document the teacher's ratio of students in laboratories
  3. Implementation
    • Prepare a list of laboratory coordinators responsible for practical lessons.
    • Train faculty members in planning practical lessons
    • Prepare a student guide for practical lessons
  4. Monitoring and controlling
    • Get feedback from students and professors on practical lessons
    • Document peer review in practical lessons
    • Follow-up preparation of blueprints for each practical lesson
  5. Documentation
    • Prepare final report of the initiative
    • Document team efforts
    • Present achievements in the academic initiatives' exhibition
    • Introduce future plans.
Published on: 26 December 2018
Last update on: 04 November 2021
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