Field training is an initiative aimed at developing field training practices to give students practical skills and experience in the public and the private sectors associated with their expertise. It would enable employers to identify student skills and facilitate hiring.


  • To develop policies and procedures for field training considering the needs and objectives of academic programs
  • To develop guidelines for students, faculty and training destinations that include all training mechanisms and models
  • To enhance and develop student skills in the work environment
  • To provide training opportunities for students through agreements with training authorities
  • To automate the initiative by launching an electronic platform that includes stakeholders from presentation and acceptance through follow-up during training and to measure student satisfaction in training destinations for all field training events.

Application Procedures

  1. Preparation
    • Commission an Advisory Committee
    • Conduct comparative study of best practices in international universities
    • Prepare standards of excellence
    • Assess the current practices regarding field training at the university
  2. Planning
    • Sign contracts with participating colleges
    • Commission an executive committee from the college
    • Conduct self-study of field training practices
  3. Implementation
    • Design a list of criteria for selecting training authorities
    • Develop field training policies and procedures at the college
    • Prepare a training program for trainers on student evaluation and follow-up models
    • Provide field training manuals for students and faculty
  4. Monitoring and controlling
    • Document feedback from students and trainers in the relevant sectors
    • Follow-up procedures for activating training plans and student evaluation mechanisms
    • Measure key performance indicators
  5. Documentation
    • Prepare Final report of the initiative
    • Document Team efforts
    • Present achievements in the academic initiatives' exhibition
    • Introduce future plans.
Published on: 26 December 2018
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