This initiative aims to apply the best practices and mechanisms for the completion of graduation projects that combines both the theoretical and practical aspect of community service.


  • To develop uniform policies and procedures for graduation projects while maintaining the autonomy of each college and the nature of its programs
  • To automate the initiative through an online platform that brings together students, faculty, and other stakeholders
  • To prepare a comprehensive guide for students in each college that includes the mechanisms and models adopted to select and evaluate graduation projects
  • To encourage students to publish graduation project outcomes in accredited scientific journals and participate in local and international conferences
  • To facilitate student to derive benefits from graduation projects by developing solutions to the challenges faced by the society

Application Procedures

  1. Preparation
    • Commission an advisory committee
    • Conduct a comparative study of best practices in international universities
    • Prepare standards of excellence
    • Assess the current graduation projects practices
  2. Planning
    • Sign contracts with colleges and departments
    • Commission a college executive committee
    • Conduct self-study of the current graduation project practices
  3. Implementation
    • Prepare comprehensive guides to introduce students to graduation projects, their objectives, selection criteria, distribution of supervisors, scientific plagiarism policies, evaluation, and follow-up mechanisms.
    • Work on partnerships with various sectors of society to put forward ideas and participate in the arbitration of graduation projects.
  4. Monitoring and Controlling
    • Develop mechanisms for selecting and evaluating graduation projects
    • Encourage graduation projects linked to the needs of the market and community
    • Measure key performance indicators of the completed graduation projects
  5. Documentation
    • Prepare Final report of the initiative.
    • Document Team efforts
    • Present achievements in the academic initiatives exhibition
    • Prepare a future plan.
Published on: 26 December 2018
Last update on: 03 November 2021
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