This initiative documents students' knowledge, skills, and competence by encouraging them to develop portfolios which are aligned with the outcomes of the academic program through an online platform. The best portfolios are selected to be shared with the stakeholders to support the student's employment opportunities after graduation.


  • To employ methods that promote continuous student learning and academic and professional progress in the light of the best standards
  • To align the student performance portfolio with the outcomes of the academic program
  • To facilitate the students in developing self-learning skills, enhancing their participation in the evaluation process and follow up on their progress and achievements
  • To document student achievements to promote them as graduates of Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal University through their portfolio in order to increase the chances of employment after graduation.


  1. Preparation
    • Commission an Advisory Committee
    • Initiate a comparative study of best practices in international universities
    • Prepare standards of excellence
    • Assess the current practices regarding student portfolio
  2. Planning
    • Sign contracts with colleges and departments
    • Commission a college executive committee
    • Conduct self-study of the current student portfolio practices
    • Develop Inventory of courses suitable for the implementation of the student portfolio.
  3. Implementation
    • Train students and faculty
    • Prepare a procedural guide to be used for evaluating student portfolios.
    • Design independent student portfolio models.
    • Develop evaluation policies including correction matrix, evaluation schedules and grades.
  4. Monitoring and Controlling
    • Document the use of various methods of self-reflection by the students
    • Set up procedures to share student portfolios with stakeholders
    • Measure key performance indicators.
  5. Documentation
    • Submit the final report of the initiative
    • Document team efforts
    • Present the achievements in the academic initiative's exhibition
    • Introduce future plans.

Colleges Participating in the Initiative

Published on: 26 December 2018
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