To achieve excellence and leadership in teaching, learning, and professional development.


To build a high quality, sustainable academic environment that motivates learning and creativity and that produces graduates who excel in their knowledge, professionalism, and ethics.


  1. Offer academic programs that exemplify total quality standards.
  2. Create an attractive educational environment that stimulates creativity and excellence.
  3. Recruit outstanding undergraduate students.
  4. Adopt active learning strategies and improve faculty performance through continuous professional development and training.
  5. Encourage and conduct specialized scientific research in teaching and learning.
  6. Raise the performance efficiency of deanships and supporting colleges.
  7. Support communication that bridges academic entities inside and outside the university.
  8. Build effective partnerships with the community.
  9. Spread and consolidate the culture of quality, evaluation, and academic accreditation.
  10. Achieve sustained development of academic programs with enhanced outputs.