To achieve excellence and leadership in teaching, learning, and professional development.


To build an academic environment conducive to learning and innovation that produces creative competencies graduates who have cognitive and professional capabilities and moral commitment.


  1. Providing leading academic programs according to the national and international quality standards.
  2. Create an attractive educational environment that stimulates creativity and excellence.
  3. Adopting academic initiatives and encouraging conducting scientific research to raise the quality of teaching and learning.
  4. Adopting admission criteria based on attracting distinguished students
  5. Designing initiatives and executive programs to develop students' abilities.
  6. Providing the necessary support for students to improve their chances of success.
  7. Professional development for faculty members with international partnerships and standards.
  8. Developing the capabilities of the academic leaders to raise the performance efficiency of the colleges, supporting deanships and specialized centers associated with the agency.
  9. Supporting academic communication inside and outside the university and building effective partnerships with community institutions.
Published on: 14 April 2014
Last update on: 21 February 2022
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