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Jamiee podcast is a podcast affiliated with the University Agency for Academic Affairs, under the umbrella of the Supreme Student Council. It sails on a variety of topics between scientific, cultural, social, national, technical and others. The episodes are presented by the Creativity Studio at the Faculty of Arts and the Studio of the Deanship of E-Learning and Distance Learning.

The podcast was launched at the beginning of the academic year 1445AH under the patronage of His Excellency the President of the University, Prof. Abdullah Al-Rubaish, at the meeting of the student councils, which is held annually to review the achievements of the student councils in the colleges during the previous academic year, and to announce the formation of the Supreme Student Council for the new academic year.


Jamiee podcast initiative was launched from the walls of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University targeting its students to be a mentor, support and contribution to raising the intellectual, cognitive and skill level for them during their study journey, by creating a dialogue environment that discusses many academic topics and scientific ideas, and supports creative skills by conveying the enriching experiences and advice of their current colleagues or graduates. 


First: The Advisory Committee, which is a higher committee affiliated with the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs headed by His Excellency the Vice President for Academic Affairs, is concerned with general supervision of the performance of the Executive Committee, approving the topics of the episodes and the participating guests, and providing ways to deepen the partnership between the university and the community.

Second: The Executive Committee emanates from the Advisory Committee and is concerned with supervising the organizational team of students and following up the work of the committees, which are:

  • Delivering and presenting: It is concerned with managing and presenting the dialogue, provided that the presentation is alternated among students according to the topic of the podcast.
  • Content writing: It is concerned with preparing the episodes, identifying their main themes and questions, and working on preparing the content of the social platforms in coordination with the Social Platforms Management Committee and the Design Committee.
  • Editing: It is concerned with preparing the editing of the main and teaser episodes.
  • Design: It is concerned with the design of podcast publications such as advertisements, reports, etc. according to its approved official identity.
  • Photography: It is concerned with filming episodes and guests (video -photos).
  • Social Platforms Department: It is concerned with managing the social platforms of the podcast and introducing and marketing its episodes in coordination with all podcast committees.
  • Public Relations: It is concerned with communication with the university, guests, the public, and the logistical coordination of the episodes and their needs.
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