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Community colleges have been founded in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a step to meet the increasing demand on higher education from high school graduates. When first established, It consisted of only one major, the computing department. The eastern province had the advantage to be a home of Community College of Qatif on 1423 H.

 The college continued to teach this specialization until the year 1434 AH where the college's programs were developed to meet the labor market's need for sub-specialties. Now the college has many programs in the disciplines of finance, administrative sciences, and computer.

In 1442 AH, the Council of Universities’s Affairs issued a decision to transform community colleges into applied colleges in disciplines and programs that contribute to the achievement of Vision 2030, by qualifying national cadres with diploma degrees linked to professional certificates compatible with the objectives of development

Through its developed programs, the college has sought to prepare well-equipped and trained human cadres with high competencies that serve the labor market. Therefore, qualitative programs have been adopted that grant the degree of intermediate diploma, and the study for two years is taught in English. The college also tends to involve male and female students during the study years in various extracurricular and voluntary activities.


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