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Community colleges have been founded in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a step to meet the increasing demand on higher education from high school graduates. When first established, It consisted of only one major, the computing department. The eastern province had the advantage to be a home of Community College of Qatif on 1423 H.
The college will persistently keep on planning and founding other vocational programs according to the strategic plans and the labor market demands, as it aims to create suitably crafted and skilled human resources with high competencies to eligibly fit the labor market. Thus, the program has 98 credit hours for three years, which is all taught in English language, where the graduate will receive at the end the advanced diploma degree.  In addition, the college is highly specific in choosing faculty members to provide the best quality education to students. The college seeks to include and encourage students to participate in different social, volunteering, cultural, religious and educational activities, to cultivate the inventive and initiative spirit, and the sense of responsibility and nationalism.

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Published on: 26 October 2016
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