Computing Department


A program that keeps pace with the recent trends and meets the need of community in computer and information technology.


Prepare qualified graduates in computer and information technology that meets the need of labor market according to quality standards.


  1. Keep abreast of advanced knowledge and enhance the skillful side in line with quality standards and market needs.
  2. Constructive community interaction and commitment to moral values and values of individual and collective responsibility.
  3. Advanced technical use in education and communication.


  1. Understand theoretical and practical concepts of computer and information technology.
  2. Acquire problem solving skills and system design and development.
  3. Interact effectively within diversified team to solve problems in the field of computer with high ethical standards.
  4. Communicate effectively to prepare and submit oral and written presentations using the appropriate techniques.
Published on: 08 April 2015
Last update on: 09 November 2022
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