Achieve excellence and mastery in providing well qualified and trained graduates to keep pace with the developments in the labor market.


Helping students to be more professional through practice and application of the knowledge gained during their years of studying the associate diploma certificate.


  • Qualifying students as a local workforce by motivating them to develop skills and competencies in their fields of specialization.
  • Provide training opportunities for female students and provide them with professional experience.
  • Discover the students’ potential and improve them through training.
  • Prepare students to be able to respond quickly and keep abreast of new developments in the labor market.
  • Create constructive cooperation between the college and the public and private sector institutions.
  • Promote the values of the Applied College through the application of a culture of lifelong learning, individual development and professional competence.
  • Support and enrich the students’ certificate by maximize their potential through obtaining professional training and skills development through internship programs that enable them to keep pace with the labor market changes.
Published on: 05 June 2017
Last update on: 27 September 2021
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