In congruence with KSA 2030 vision and its future aspirations, SPU was established per IAU President decision No. 65803 on 11/10/1443H for the purpose of reviewing and updating of IAU Strategic Plan to be conformed with KSA national directives and potentials. IAU Strategic Plan includes eight major goals as below: 

1.        Providing a high-quality service of knowledge and education
2.        Developing of research and innovation system
3.        Enhancing of community responsibility and partnership 
4.        Establishing of IAU values along with HR development 
5.        Providing a sustainable physical environment 
6.        Building of a contemporary administrative institutional system 
7.        Achieving sustainability of IAU financial resources 
8.        Enhancing of communications and IT system 

In order to activate the eight strategic goals that were reached after the necessary deliberations with stakeholders inside and outside the university, the university is currently working on implementing a project to follow up  the implementation of the strategic plan under the supervision of H.E, Vice President for Development and Community Partnership, which comes as part of her developmental  portfolio powers  where a need for a strategic planning unit has emerged for achieving IAU vision, mission, and goals for the purpose of strengthening the current program capabilities and evaluating  strategic performance indicators based on the strategic goals and objectives available within the framework of existing systems and processes.

And as per keenness for achieving of IAU strategic goals by the various academic, administrative, and service units and enhancing the culture of strategic planning prevailing at the university, it has become necessary to create this essential per directives of H.E, IAU President under a direct supervision by IAU Vice President for Development and Community Partnership.


Pioneering and Excellence in developing of IAU strategic plan per IAU vision and mission for reaching international advanced high levels.


Follow-up of implementing IAU strategic plan along with preparation of reports serve the best experienced methods of achieving the pioneering and excellence of the university strategic-planning regionally and internationally.


General objective:
Preparation of a strategic plan to be reviewed and updated beside follow-up of its implementing and promotion 


  • Availability of professional and technical experience needed for performance and follow-up for all strategic planning processes 
  • Collecting of information needed for the plan preparation from proper resources with credibility archiving in order to ease information use efficiently and effectively
  • Analysis of available data with suitable statistical and descriptive methods for accentuating the proper relation between the various variables that might affect the quality and efficiency of the university-environment components whether were human or financial or considerable components. 
  • Use of the above analytics for generating strategic alternatives likely for a required university-environment expected to be reached in the year of the strategic objective.
  • Selecting of the optimum strategic alternative that may achieve the maximum value when we apply accredited assessment standards care about the sustainability of the environment, economy, and community. 
  • Improving of the selected strategic alternative along with setting the strategic plan and its details (plan document, graphs, etc.…)
  • Presenting the strategic plan for the stakeholders, in and out IAU, for discussion and suitable amendments. 
  • Presenting the final plan to competent entities for discussion ad approval to be an official document accredited in and out IAU.
  • Plan inauguration, declaration, and promotion among stakeholders over all levels in and out IAU.
  • Setting of an operational plan ensures the implementation of all executive programs, development projects, and various initiatives realistically, along with ensuring financing and needed cash flow sufficiently and continuously, in addition to confirming the proper distribution of tasks and responsibilities, and full coordination with various administrative and executive levels across the university.    
  • Regular review and update for the strategic plan in suitable periods per directives or updates required locally, nationally, and internationally. 
  •  Importance of establishing strategic planning culture among IAU affiliates and stakeholders over all aspects and levels.  

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