The University Council General Secretariate

In accordance with the rules and directives given by the higher administration, executive management helps the responsibilities of the University Council by offering all administrative and secretarial services relevant to the scope of the job.

Following the nomination of a council member, the Secretary-General supervises the Secretariat General of the University Council.

General Secretariate is dedicated to:

  1. Supervising the administrative and financial work of the secretariat and its employees.
  2. Receiving the topics to be presented to the council and ensuring their compliance with the relevant laws, regulations, and legal decisions.
  3. Preparing the council’s sessions by preparing the invitation – the agenda – presentation notes and sending them to the council members.
  4. Preparing and printing the minutes of the meeting, checking them, and submitting them to the President of the University - the President of the University Council - for approval after signatures of the members.
  5. Preparing executive letters of the Council's recommendations and decisions and sending them to the competent authorities in the university.
  6. Save and archive session files electronically.
  7. Answering all inquiries received in written, electronically or by phone, along with providing the relevant university entities with the executive regulations and forms, as well as providing the necessary data and information if required.
  8. Preparing of statistical reports for the following:
    • Establishing, merging, canceling, changing a title, or subordinating (colleges, deanships, institutes, centers, and academic departments).
    • Permanent committees’ issues.
    • Regulatory and procedural rules issues.
    • Study and strategic plans.
    • Appointments of teaching staff members.
    • Scholarships.
    • Academic and technical cooperation agreements or memoranda of understanding.

Published on: 20 October 2022
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