Dr. Abdullah bin Hussein Al Kadi
Vice President for Studies, Development and Community Service

Sponsors Committee
Dr. Tareq Ibrahim Al Rawaf
Faculty, Vice Dean of the College of Architecture and Planning for Training and Community Service

Logistic Services Committee
Dr. Nawaf Essam Belisi
Faculty, Vice Dean of the College of Engineering for Training and Community Service

Scientific Committee  
Dr. Sameh Ali
Faculty, College of Science
Dr. Wafa Al Taysan
Faculty, College of Science

Publication Committee
Dr. Badria Al Habib
Faculty, College of Arts in Dammam

Media Committee
Dr. Mahmoud El Sharkawy
Faculty, College of Medicine

Exhibition Committee
Dr. Amani Al Bahar
Faculty, Alumni and Career Development Center

Public Relations and Media Committee
Eng. Tufil Al Yousef
IAU's Public Relations Directo

Committee Secretary
Mr. Abdullah Al-Qarni
The President of IAU's Office Director

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