The Vice Deanship of Student Affairs represented by Ghaim Club in the College of Education, Jubail held a campaign from the 22nd to 26th of Muharam, 1438 H. The campaign targeted administrative & faculty members as well as that the Club hosted different schools from Jubail.
Prophet Mohammed’s wives’ and Sahabahs’ lives were presented as well as Islamic History prominent figures.
Moreover, they offered information about the Sunnah group and charitable institutions in Jubail.
The Campaign included five booths:

  1. (Oswah); talked about the Sahabahs of Prophet Mohammed and their heroic stories.
  2. (Fa Estaqem); talked about the characteristics of Al Sunnah & Jama’a group.
  3. (Pearls); talked about the wives of Prophet Mohammed “Peace be upon him”, their names and their lives.
  4. (Great Muslims); talked about the hundred Great Muslims who had a big role in changing the Islamic History.
  5. (Wesaal Corner); was intended to help students become acquainted with each other.

Also, the campaign held competitions and a religious lecture by Ms. Najat AlMubarak at the College Theater.

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Published on: 08 December 2016
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