Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, represented by the Directorate of Community Partnership and the Supreme Student Council, organized the exhibition "Tales of Volunteering" at Ajdan Walk, Al-Khobar, on Wednesday and Thursday 21-22 December 2022 in the presence of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ghazi Al Otaibi, and a number of Deans and Vice Deans at the University. The exhibition was organized as part of the University's activities to celebrate Saudi and International Volunteering Day 2022 and as a platform for highlighting some of the University's efforts in the field of volunteering.

The Director of Community Partnerships, Mrs. Najah Al Mihemid, stated that the Directorate is keen to highlight the role of the University as an educational editorial with great responsibility for serving the community and achieving national efforts towards the biological community and responsible citizens reaching 1 million volunteers with effective developmental impact.

We are also working in the Directorate to translate the University's efforts in creating a creative and innovative environment with a fruitful product that enables it to serve its community within an institutional framework based on governance, performance control and commendable competition leading to leadership, quality and sustainable impact in its community outcomes. Its mission, values and strategic objectives underscore this societal commitment and desire to invest optimally in its potential and specializations, as well as its valuable wealth of students with an important energy in voluntary community work.

The Director also noted the Directorates' interest in the participation of the Higher Student Council headed by the student/Attallah Al-Enazi and student clubs at the college level in this exhibition and their review of the student footprint in voluntary work. The University enjoys an elite of highly qualified students with certainty about the size of their role and responsibility to society and the magnitude of the leaders' expectations of building and revival. They were remarkably creative and their activities and the size of the beneficiary group's output in this area were distinct.

It is worth mentioning that the indicators of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University in the field of community service progressed. The University was subsequently awarded several local and regional awards. For the second year in a row, it was crowned the first place at the university level and education departments with the National Award for Volunteerism according to its indicators at the national platform.

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Published on: 09 February 2023
Last update on: 09 February 2023
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