Headed by Dr. Hisam Al Jehani, Consultant Neurosurgeon in King Fahd Hospital of the University the 30th Invasive Cerebral Angiography Surgery was successfully achieved.

Al Jehani mentioned that "The surgery was successfully accomplished using different interferences that have been used before in the hospital such as Prosthesis and Stroke Dissolvent as well as the use of a special tube to withdraw a hemorrhagic stroke from the Cerebral Artery without damaging it.

Dr. Faisal Al Abass, Dr. Mohamed Al Mahdi and their assistants participated in the surgery with Dr. Hisam Al Jehani and the surgery was closely followed up by Dr. Abdullah Al Rubaish, President of the University.

University Hospital
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Published on: 08 August 2017
Last update on: 08 August 2017
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