The College Vice-dean for Development and Community Partnership opened the Breast Cancer Awareness Exhibition in the Blue Hall of the College of Sciences and Humanities, Jubail, on Tuesday, 4/9/1445, corresponding to October 24, 2023.

The exhibition was supervised by the Community Service Unit and in cooperation with the academic departments of the college. The exhibition included intellectual corners and free consultations by specialists in the field from Jubail General Hospital and the Royal Commission Hospital in Jubail that answered visitors’ questions and raise their awareness of the necessity of breast cancer screening. The specialists also provided enriching advises about breast cancer.

Moreover, the exhibition hosted an expert nutritionist to speak and educate visitors about the relationship between food and disease in three stages: prevention stage, treatment stage, post-treatment stage and recovery. Healthy freebies, such as nuts and antioxidant fruits, were given to the audience in the right quantities. The exhibition presented statistical questionnaires, enriching information, and a visual nutrition corner for visitors by displaying plastic paintings about the campaign with the participation of the Jubail GESFT Association.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, the Women in Health volunteer team, in cooperation with the Mathematics Department, participated in the walking marathon to enhance awareness about the importance of following healthy lifestyles.

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Published on: 08 January 2024
Last update on: 08 January 2024
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