Under the auspices of Her Highness Princess Abeer bint Faisal bin Turki Al-Saud, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Eastern Region Council for Social Responsibility, the College of Applied Studies and Community Service celebrated on Sunday evening, Dhu Qaddah 22, 1444, June 11, 2023, the graduation of the sixth class of the Orphan Mothers Empowerment Program “Tamkeen”, held in partnership with the Charitable Society for Orphans Care in the Eastern Province (Benaa).

The ceremony was opened with the national anthem, followed by a graduates march of the 40 graduates of the program. The graduates walked among the audience with feelings of joy and pleasure as they wore gowns and graduation scarves to the tune of a song specially prepared for this happy occasion, on which the names of all the graduates were sung. The organizer of the ceremony, Mashaal Bint Sarnaj Alenazi, began with a welcome introduction, followed by verses from Qur’an.

The audience were welcomed through an expressive dance involving a group of children. This was followed by a representative scene from graduates of the five previous classes of “Tamkeen” Program, all the way to the current class. Then an induction video of “Tamkeen 6” was displayed showing the vision, message, and the goals for which the program was set.

In an effort to provide community service to a group that is dear to us and the people of the country, and in support of opening the horizon for them to play their natural role towards their children, Her Excellency the Vice-Dean of the College of Applied Studies and Community Service for Development and Community Partnership and the Secretary-General of the Program, Dr Suhaila bint Saud Al-Jameel, emphasized the College's desire to make the program comprehensive and balanced to meet the personal, educational, and family needs of beneficiaries and acquires managerial, economic, and professional skills that enable them to raise their children properly and can advance them in the face of the challenges of life. In addition to providing outstanding mothers with training and education skills through Training of Trainer Course (TOT) which is an essential part of the program. Dr. Suhaila also outlined the development of the program, which began with the development of a clear vision and message, and specific objectives from which the program will move towards success, ending with many leisure trips, enrichment meetings, before and after questionnaires for development and sustainability. Distinguished mothers from previous programs were also used to train new mothers, confirming the complementarity of the educational process between them, and allowing the largest number of them to benefit.

In conclusion, Dr. Suhaila thanked all who supported the program from the university administration, Benaa Association and all the staff of the college and Benaa who spared no effort in preparing and equipping to produce this developed version in the best picture.

A video speech was then presented of His Excellency the Dean of the College and Head of the Program, Dr. Khaled bin Hassan Al-Shahri, in which he praised the excellence of the program not only at the university level, but at the regional level. He complimented the program’s qualitative shift in its sixth edition.

This was followed by a video entitled "Highlights on Tamkeen 6", which reviewed the program’s activities and the enriching workshops in this version.

Then came the speech of His Excellency the General Director of (Binaa), Mr. Abdullah bin Rashid Al-Khaldi, where he expressed his pride in the services the Association provides to orphans and their mothers in the Eastern Region. This program provided by a university that has its name and heritage is only an example of that. He thanked Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, represented by the College of Applied Studies and Community Service, for their efforts and interest, and thanks are extended to the trainers and program staff from the Association and the College.

Mothers expressed their thanks and gratitude for this program and the great transformation of their lives and the lives of their children and its impact on their personalities and on their surroundings through a visual show entitled "Moments of pride". The mothers’ families had their share of the ceremony where they congratulated graduates and shared joy through a visual broadcast at the ceremony.

Mrs. Nada bint Abdrabalredha Al-Sabti, the program's Deputy Secretary-General of the Program, offered a message of thanks to the program's trainers who were credited with achieving the goals.

This was followed by honoring the sponsors and success partners by handing them commemorative shields for their effective contribution to the success of the ceremony. After which the graduates were honored. Afterwards, the graduates were acknowledged. Ms. Thuraya bint Mufarah Al-Khaldi, the college's program coordinator, recited their names as they were presented with graduation certificates and souvenirs, and imitated with roses as a tribute to their achievement.  

“Tamkeen” family presented a commemorative shield to Her Highness Princess Abeer bint Faisal bin Turki Al-Saud, and during the ceremony, Her Highness praised her deep thanks and appreciation for what Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University, Binaa Association and partners are offering in contributing to the effective scientific construction and its continuation, and she congratulated the graduates for this success and excellence.

Vice President for Development and Community Partnership, Dr. Nihad Bint Abdullah Al-Omair, Deans and Vice Deans from the University were in attendance, as were many members of the Charity “Banaa” and Trainers of the program from both inside and outside the College, as well as the families of the graduates.

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Published on: 19 June 2023
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