Dr. Abdullah Al Kadi, Vice President for Studies, Development and Community Service opened the Second Graduate Day that was held in the College of Arts, Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University. The event was organized by the Alumni and Career Development Unit and attended by the Dean of the College, the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, several vice deans and department heads.

Dr. Ameera Al Jafary, Dean of the College of Arts expressed her admiration of the students who helped in educating graduates on how to enhance their skills for facing the job market. She ended her speech by thanking the supervisor of the event; Dr. Mashael Al Okaily, the Alumni and Career Development Unit coordinator, Thwooq Al Qathami and all the participants.

The Vice Dean of Academic Affairs and the supervisor of the activity Dr. Mashael Al Okaily indicated that the Graduate Day is an annual activity that is held by the College of Arts and aims at:

  • Introducing graduates to the effective methods in searching for a job and to discusse the future of the labor market.
  • To informing students on the available training opportunities that are provided by participating agencies.
  • Introducing Alumni expertise in the job market.
  • Previewing activities and contributions of community service institutions that support graduates.

Ms. Thwooq Al Qathami mentioned that "Preparation for the Second Graduate Day activity took over six months where we contacted many sponsors as well as Alumni who have their own projects. Also, an organizing committee was assigned to help organize the entry and exist of visitors in the College, to make sure the booths are orderly set up and to follow up on participating students.

The activity consisted of 22 booths:

  1. Jana Building Productive Families Center
  2. Prince Sultan Fund for Women Development
  3. A step towards my future
  4. My profession in light of the Kingdom's 2030 vision
  5. Volunteer Work
  6. Future Careers for the Communication and Information Technology Department
  7. Sustainable Development
  8. Leadership and Self-Development
  9. Geography Information Technology Center
  10. Conflict in Choosing University Specialties
  11. Hind Gallery
  12. Fingerprint
  13. Teaching Arabic as a Second Language.
  14. The Road to a Perfect Profession
  15. A scholarship that ends with a job position
  16. The future of English Language Certificates in Banks
  17. Children Bookshops booth
  18. English Language graduates' future profession fields
  19. Micro-station
  20. Mmrah Volunteering Group
  21. How to market yourself?
  22. Personal Interview + IELTS Exam.
Alumni and Career Development Center
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Published on: 24 April 2017
Last update on: 25 April 2017
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