A medical team from King Fahad University Hospital headed by Dr. Mohammed Al Mansori a Heart Disease and Catheter Consultant managed to treat a sixty year old patient’s Atrial Fibrillation Disorder and continuous bleeding which was resulted by the use of blood flowing medications by using the WATCHMAN LAA Closure Technology. The WATCHMAN LAA Closure Technology is a modern technology that studies have proven to be highly effective, safe and prevents brain strokes. Therefore, the patient left the hospital after a full recovery.

Dr. Mohammed Al Mansori mentioned that these types of operations require skills and cooperation between medical teams and is distinguished by a 95% success rate, this is considered a big step achieved by the King Fahad University Hospital which is affiliated with the University of Dammam in providing the latest methods of treatment in order to serve its patients and because the hospital seeks to provide distinguished medical services. Moreover, this operation was the first of its kind to be achieved in the hospital.

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Published on: 04 April 2016
Last update on: 04 April 2016
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