The Journal of Family and Community Medicine (JFCM) is the official journal of the Saudi Society of Family and Community Medicine. It is an international peer-reviewed journal. The purpose of the Journal is to promote excellence in the practice of Family and Community Medicine and closely related fields. The Journal has been established to promote the knowledge, attitude and practice of all aspects of comprehensive health care (preventive, curative and rehabilitative). The Journal also aims at facilitating the development of community-based research, education, and health services. Original papers, short communications, and letters to the editor are all welcomed. Case reports with substantial significance are also considered for publication. Manuscripts either in Arabic or English language are published. 

JFCM is indexed by Index Medicus for the Eastern Mediterranean Region (IMEMR) and is published once in every four months i.e., three issues in a year (April, August and December). The first issue was published in 1994. Still then, the journal was published regularly once in every six months. From the year 2000 it was decided to publish the journal once in every four months. As such, the journal is published 3 Issues.

For every issue, 3000 copies are printed and it is distributed to all the universities, hospitals, primary health care centers, MOH offices, private hospitals and dispensaries, physicians who have subscribed to receive the journal on regular basis, and to the libraries of almost all the institutions in the Kingdom. The journal has a vast readership and is very much appreciated by the primary care providers.

Published on: 19 March 2015
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